• Ebook - How to Buy and Manage An Investment Property

Ebook - How to Buy and Manage An Investment Property

This book was written in mind for all investors, no matter what your level of experience. The first half of the book walks you through the entire process of what to buy, where to buy and most importantly how to buy. It also tells you what you should not buy and what to look out for because there are many aggressive sellers out there looking for unsuspecting investors with limited investing experience willing to buy overpriced properties. This book will help you better determine what is a good deal, bad deal or great deal.

I have always said that buying a property is only half the battle, the other half is managing the property. Some of the best deals I have acquired are as a result of the property being mismanaged so you don’t want to become one of those motivated sellers having to sell because of bad property management. The second half of this “How To” book will help you understand how best to manage your new investment as well as how to manage other management companies you hire to manage your investments.

This book is filled with golden nuggets that will either save you thousands of dollars or help you make thousands and thousands of dollars. This is a must read even if you already have many investments simply because it is filled with so many great tips and we all have the capacity to learn more.