MMM Club

Year Long Millionaire Mastermind Mentorship Includes:

  • 4 days with Ken and Mark in a historic home in Almonte Ont.  (Includes accommodations, meals and entertainment)
  • Whole Life Wealth (WLW) Coaching for one year
  • Weekly group calls (Book study and Mastermind)
  • Private Facebook group to remain accountable (Goals) on a daily basis
  • Unlimited email support
  • One hour personal one on one call with Ken
  • One hour personal one on one call with Mark
  • Two “Call Now” tickets to be used for a deal or personal support
  • Second live training event: 3 Full days to review goals, focus on sales and presentation skills. (Meals for 3 days included)
  • Sub-Group networking: There will be a "real estate focused"  sub-group managed by Ken and a "Mindset/Goal Setting" sub-group managed by Mark. This will involve a weekly call alternating between the two groups.
  • Create life long networks with other like minded people with similar goals
  • An optional annual 4%MMM working vacation (at your cost)


Please fill out the attached form to express your interest.