Our Team

Ken Beaton

Ken Beaton is the President of ARCA Real Estate Investments Inc. Ken began his career as a civil engineer technologist before taking over Clayton Lakeside Resort along with his wife Joanne. Ken also acquired his real estate license in 1990 and worked for Gale Real Estate. Ken and Joanne sold their business in 2003 so that Ken could work full time for his new company ARCA Real Estate Inc. Ken gained his real estate investing education through the Russ Whitney and Robert Kiyosaki Real Estate programs and then he worked with these companies as a mentor for almost three years. In 2010 Ken moved to Alberta to start a brand new real estate brokerage with Darren Weeks of the Fast Track Group. Returning to Ontario in 2013 Ken is now focusing on helping other investors achieve success in real estate. Ken is a Realtor/Broker with EXP Realty Inc.

Ken’s true passion is teaching and helping others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing and this is why Ken has created his affordable series of online educational courses.

Whether it be real estate education or representation as a Realtor Ken would be happy to provide you with his services. 



Mark Frentz

Mark has always desired to help people or make a difference around him. From the age of 4 his ideal jobs were: doctor, veterinarian or teacher. At the age of 20 he listened to a speaker who challenged the listening audience to become sagacious in order to invest in others. With this concept, Mark's life-long goal was born: To learn and gain as much wisdom as possible in multiple areas and disciplines in order to invest in others and see positive change in their lives.

Over the past 17 years Mark has lived in Sweden, then in China, studied multiple languages, worked on a bachelor degree in theology and a master's degree in psychology (focusing on neuroscience), and thrown himself into fields that much of our society talks about with discomfort without knowing these people intimately including adults with developmental difficulties, homeless populations, addictions, and mental health. Mark's passion is to journey with others no matter where they find themselves in order to grow, together, at a pace that fits the individual.

Mark realized early on the importance of investing in real estate to build long term wealth and this is where he first met Ken Beaton who became Marks real estate mentor. Over the years Mark and Ken became very good friends and with Ken’s guidance Mark became a consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute focusing on how people can reach much more of their potential by understanding their deepest desires and then learning motivation and moving past procrastination toward success, inspiration, and fulfillment in life.

With Mark’s background in psychology, coaching and real estate investing he has become the perfect partner to work with Ken in helping others achieve their goals in real estate.

When you meet Mark for the first time you will discover first hand just how passionate he is to help you become the best you can be.


Jen Dlugosz

Jen Dlugosz is the Technical Support Manager for ARCA Real Estate.  She has over 12 years of technical experience building and managing websites as well as customer service. She is the behind scenes person who keeps things running smoothly and assisting customers with their technological needs as well.  She has been known to Skype with customers who are having technical issues accessing the course materials to walk them through the entire process.  As well as working for ARCA Real Estate she also manages a team of customer service representatives with a well know global tech company so she knows her stuff and is always there to help any way she can.