Ken is an extremely well-versed real estate investor. Over the years, he has gained an enormous amount of experience and has overcome many challenges in this field. When I sat through his mentorship program, I was amazed at the depth of his knowledge. Ken & Joanne Beaton are the real deal – they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk too. I’ve come out of this program with more detailed knowledge, confidence, and a better sense of how to structure deals creatively.Jason Annable

My previous experience as a real estate agent and having taken some basic real estate investment courses provided me with a great base to get started from, but having Ken spend three full days with me one on one was well worth my time and money. It was the help I needed to bring everything together. The greatest value I received was learning the “Lease-to-Own” option as an investment tool, more specifically, learning how Ken approaches putting a potential lease-to –own deal together was invaluable. The mentoring also opened my eyes to opportunities I can create with some of the creative financing ideas Ken shared. I thank Ken for sharing his personal experiences and providing me with the opportunity to learn from his real estate investing experience.
Regards,Sylvie Deneault

I recently attended four information packed days with Ken Beaton as my mentor. Ken gave me the opportunity to broaden my goals and options in real estate. He provided a personal analysis of my situation and provided ‘out of the box’ thinking solutions in order for me to move closer to my financial goals. The mentorship was and is a valuable tool in my tool belt to learn new techniques, open new doors to lease option and joint ventures. Ken’s easy going personality and experience was appreciated during the mentorship. Ken provided a written binder of information, a disk of useable forms (after teaching us how to use the forms) and CD’s of the mentorship so that everything we learned could be heard again and again!I look forward to seeing you again at future events.Kathy Long

I wanted to write to thank you for your mentorship program. It has been nearly four months since I took your mentorship program and I am right now in the middle of pursuing a 2.35 million dollar deal ! !. Thanks to your help and course material the process has been great! Your property analyzer is worth its weight in gold, (even if it were printed on clay tablets!!). Your one on one mentorship really provided me with the can do attitude I needed. It was great to be able to talk face to face with a person who has had “been there done that” experience. Also your continuing support on an ongoing basis has been fantastic. Being able to talk to you, while processing the real life deals, has been a real help!Looking forward to taking the next steps …one at a time!!Thanks for all your support and encouragement!!

 Lonnie Jason

10 minas Ventures inc.

P.S. By the way if all goes well with this deal, (for those of you who are familiar with the game “cash flow”) This deal will put me out of the rat race, and my wife half way!!!!

Thank you for the support and opportunity that you have shared with us during our mentorship. The mentorship has given us the knowledge and confidence that we needed to move forward and pursue our Real Estate deals. Ken is extremely creative, committed and focused on Real Estate. We would not hesitate to recommend Ken’s mentorship to anyone. In fact the cost of the mentorship is minor compared to the education that we have received from Ken.Jon & Andrea Stachyruk

Working with Ken has been nothing short of fantastic. We joined halfway through group 2 so we are attending our first event on March 19/20. That being the case we cant comment on the live events but just from catching up on the recordings we see that they have been very informational. The live calls with Ken are probably one of the best things about the course so far. Whenever we have talked I have come away with the next step, the missing piece to whatever puzzle I was trying to solve. We got our first accepted offer last night which was could only have been completed through his guidance. The directions he pointed me in for finding investor money, putting together deals and creating deal flow are invaluable. The course pays for itself in one deal. Secondary to that the networking just from emailing other students and with the mastermind group that was created has been essential for keeping us on track and with definite guidelines to completing our goals. I would say anyone who has any interest in R/E investing absolutely has to take this course, no option.Malcolm & Jenelle Setter
Calgary, Alberta

The Real Estate Peak Performers program did wonders for my real estate business. I joined the program with the intention of growing my portfolio to the next level, and I discovered that I got more than I was looking for. The events and activities that came with program has enabled me to connect with many other like-minded people. It has led to me eventually teaming up with them to expand our portfolio. My network and resources have also considerably improved, which allows me to transition my business in a proper and seamless way. Ken is a huge support for me since he challenges me to grow and think in ways that allows me to look at deals with a new perspective, which is very beneficial to my business.Yanik Duvoid
Edmonton, Alberta