• Apartment Building Wealth Generation Program

Apartment Building Wealth Generation Program

Owning a house as a rental property makes sound financial sense. So if owning one makes sense, then owning more simply makes more sense.

This is true and this is why so many people aspire to buy more rental properties.

But this can be challenging.  Maybe you don’t think the banks will lend you any more money, or maybe you just don’t know how to buy larger properties. Perhaps when you start looking at buying a bigger property, like an apartment building, you quickly learn that the rules have changed. You are no longer dealing with a residential real estate agent. You now have to deal with commercial lenders.

This can definitely be scary and intimidating especially when banks and realtors start using terms like “Debt Credit Ratio”, “CAP rates”, “Loan to Value” and many more foreign terms.

It is difficult to get into the game of investing in apartment buildings. Which is why so few people actually do it; or so people think.

The reality is that it can be much easier than you think!

In fact, for self-employed people, it can actually be easier to buy an apartment building than a single family house. Sounds crazy but it is true! With commercial properties it is the property that qualifies for the mortgage and the investor guarantees it while in residential it is the opposite. The Investor must qualify and the property becomes the guarantee.

This program was created to help you find good deals, identify what a good deal actually is through proper analysis, how to negotiate a good deal, how to finance the deal, and finally, how to manage the deal. Learn firsthand from someone who has done it and continues to do it. Learn what to look for and what to stay clear of.

If you are serious about investing in apartment buildings, this one-time low investment will be the best investment you have ever made.

This program will also be a valuable investment if you are simply thinking of being the money partner, because this program will provide you with a very clear understanding of what a great deal actually is.

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